We had Yoon-Suz-Sul (for the 2nd** generation) so now it's Jang-Yu-Sul right??
(T/n: 융숮설 = Yoona-Suzy-Sulli were the top visuals of the 3rd gen)

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1. That's my first time hearing 

2. Is this supposed to be Jang Wonyoung, Ahn Yujin and Sullyoon? It's my first time hearing this, but seeing Aespa not ther eis strange 

3. Hul it's my first time hearing this and it's legendary already. But I think that Yu is for Yuna no?

4. I actually saw a lot of people mention JangYuSul on internet. Because Sullyoon hit so daebak after her debut, I started hearing more and more about JangYuSul 

5. I actually read JangYuSul a lot?! So I thought they were popular already 

6. Karina isn't there? I thought that Karina and Jang Wonyoung were the big trends of the 4th generation 

7. Me too it's my first time hearing

8. There are way too many pretty idols who are successful in the 4th generation that you can't only pick 3

9. I've heard it too but it's a shame that Karina isn't there

10. I think JangKaSulYu should be the right one. All their faces became a huge buzz so we can just settle it like that. The other idols are pretty too but they didn't get as much as a buzz than them 

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