"Look at that, people were swearing at them telling IVE to change their hair and makeup shop and she opened a IG live
She apologized to IVE and said that she's never experienced something so painful in her 20 years of work... But she was also thinking about wanting to do a first IG live and she thanked people for their kind words. She said that she won't be shaken and will continue on her own path"

t/n: on Twitter, fans trended "아이브_샵_바꿔" (IVE Change your shop) 

original post: here

1. People are really reckless with their words against the cordi or the makeup artist every time it doesn't fit their taste because they're not the singers themselves...

2. People overreact whenever we pass the slightest criticism towards idols, meanwhile they don't know boundaries when it comes to their staffs

3. They can't recognize that they're leaving hate comments themselves when they're trying to request feedbacks because they think the idols don't suit whatever they have 

4. No but you can trend things if you want, but going all the way to hate on them in their personal IG is oba 

5. Honestly it's true that their makeup don't suit them, but it's just wrong to swear at the shop's owner... 

6. It's better for both of them if they changed shop.. But there might be contract issues 

7. Me too I saw the comparison picture.. It's better for them to change their shop 

8. But I think that IVE's hair and makeup is seriously the best of the best of the best of the best they ever hadㅠ??! Please don't change it 

9. Seriously people get freaking sensitive the moment someone say they don't like their bias, meanwhile they have no principles when it comes to the staffs of the companyㅋ

10. Hul but I found them pretty? 

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