'Youth' behind his ear

He got it not long before BTS's album fan song called 'For Youth' was dropped

"Young Forever" behind his arms 

When Jimin was in his biggest slump, he said that he listened to a video of the crowd singing ''Young Forever" and overcame his slump

"13" on his wrist

Jimin's favorite number

BTS debuted on June 13th 2013
And Oct. 13th is Jimin's birthday 

From his neck down to his waist, he has the phases of a Moon

"7" on his finger

It's BTS' friendship tattoo

"NEVERMIND" above his ribs

Never Mind is a song from BTS that talks about their determination towards music and their dream 

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1. And in racing too, Jiminie is #13

2. It's nice to see a lot of them related to BTS 

3. Wow but those aren't overdone and it's pretty..

4. It's not too much and they look harmonious 

5. They are all small and "well-decorated" on his body, all the tattoos are pretty...

6. The numbers tattoos are good..

7. It suits him and they're prettily done

8. He seriously has a lot 

9. Jiminie's tattoos are just like him, charmingly done and small... cute

10. Doing one on your ribs is just crazy...

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