These are the dates for their world tour
The dates are so packed that some members hurt their bodies so they are unable to participate
Member Haseul's shoulder condition was so bad that she had to wear a cast and now she's back in Korea to get treatment 
They had a break yesterday, but they had to participate in KCON and couldn't be a full-group so they were only 10 members

Once their world tour ends in September, they won't even be able to rest because they'll be going for their Japanese concert on October 1st and after that, they have scheduled concert in Manila. Meanwhile, they're also preparing for their Japanese album amidst their world tour. They also took their jacket pictures for the Japanese album 3 days ago.

Meanwhile, Chuu is unable to attend any of the world tour concerts because of her schedules and we still don't know what kind of schedules she has which is frustrating.. The media is quiet about it which is frustrating too. 

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1. Looking at the dates, they seem to just be running around all the time and have no rest

2. Are they trying to repay the money the company invested in their trainee days with the world tour...

3. I seriously feel upset and sorry for the members being sick..

4. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

5. What a legendary companyㅋㅋ

6. The tour is way too intense

7. They're moving from cities to cities every 1 or 2 days and performing in between, This is just eba. It's a pain to just move but they even have to do concerts too.. It'll be weirder if they didn't get sick

8. Are there not much time before contract renewal?? Looks like all the members will be leaving so they're shoving all those in..? Seriously this company is freaking weird
> They debuted in 2018 so there's 3 years left..

9. Do the members even get the rest...

10. Even when they made so much money with the world tour, they're still not getting paid?ㅋㅋ Blockberry are thugs 

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