I got an invitation from my ex-boyfriend,
But the bride learned about me being his ex-girlfriend and contacted me separately
She told me "I know that you broke up with XX long time ago, but I feel like I'd care about it, so don't come"
So do I not go? If I went, will I ruin everything? I just received the invitation without much feelings but now that she's acting like that, I'm feeling offended

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1. But I feel like the fact that OP even considered going is a mistake alreadyㅋㅋㅋ 
If you stood still and the husband told you to go while the wife told you not to go, I can understand being offended by it, they should've been the ones to coordinate who to invite and who not toㅋㅋㅋ

2. If would be nice if you went with congratulatory money
But if I were you, I'd talk with the ex-boyfriend and let them know you were planning to go but you got blocked

3. The wife is supposed to be the woman who shines the most in a wedding, she told you not to come even if you got invited, there's no reason for you to be there~

4. Why would you persist in going if she told you not to go? They maybe made a place for you to congratulate them, but the party involved doesn't like it 

5. Think about the roles reversed 

6. If the wife is telling you not to go, you shouldn't go 

7. The people telling her to go here are the funniest

8. I can understand the wife's feelings 

9. The weirdest person of all here = the ex-boyfriend 

10. Of course it's right to not go. But if I was contacted separately and asked not to go, I can understand why OP feels offended

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