I was doing a MZ generation test and I can understand all the rest [of the trends]? But why this guy,,? Is it because of that peach movie..? I watched it but I can't remember a thing since it's been so long 

And didn't he get into an incident for choosing the wrong words? But to me, it just seemed like it was nitpicking..? He just used a word that was a short form for 'kid' and I think he thought it was a pet name for himself.. I think people are a bit too sensitive with him.. 

I don't really have any feelings towards him, so I'm curious to see what type of person he is

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1. He hit big because of that peach movie

2. Timothee Chalamet? It's true that it's because of CallByName but he hit even bigger with Dune

3. I seriously only visit the KPOP and Movie/drama category of Instiz and it's my first time hearing about his name 

4. Because he's handsome?

5. Because his image is good and he's a good actor. He knows how to pick his works and he's like an idol to the cinephiles. He literally became an idol with Dune

6. Wasn't CallByName super popular?

7. He's handsome, he's a good actor and he's also kind towards his fansㅋㅋㅋ He also receives lots of scripts

8. Because he's a charming actor

9. Don't you guys see the aura that Timy has the moment he's with Zendaya? I don't need much to say 

10. He's one of the top actors in their 20s lately 

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