(T/N: OP uses the word '총판/chong-pan' which means total album sales and the # of weeks is the number of weeks it took them to reach that amount of copies - or the number of albums sold to date since the release of the album)

Bangtan album 582K copies, 7 weeks 
Seventeen 470K copies, 9 weeks (full album)
Seventeen 215K copies, 2 weeks (repackage album)
TXT 170K copies, 12 weeks
ENHYPEN 140K copies, 4 weeks
NCT Dream 135K copies, 18 weeks (full and repackage album added up together)
Stray Kids 64K copies, 19 weeks
ATEEZ 31K copies, 1 week

Aespa album 55K copies, 3 weeks
Le Sserafim 46K, 13 weeks
Kep1er 32K, 6 weeks
Nayeon 20K, 5 weeks
ITZY 10K, 2 weeks

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1. HYBE's male idols are seriously daebak

2. Seventeen, get all that Yen~~~~

3. Wow HYBE

4. HYBE is taking all the Yens

5. Is the number of weeks the time it took them to sell that much?

6. You can see how popular the HYBE male idols are

7. As expected, male idols are important

8. Aespa are awesome

9. Oh NCT Dream... they never debuted in Japan but are this popular... impressive...

10. Aespa seriously sold a lot...

11. So the # of weeks is the total week it took from the album release ~ now to sell that many albums??
> Yep!!

12. Wow Bang-Sev are walls

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