For me, it was losing 32 kg.... Meanwhile I haven't achieved anything academically or in my career..ㅎ

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1. I entered university through essays (t/n: you can either take a test/write an essay (SAT) or enter university with your high school grades), I barely attended any academy and only watched philosophy, history and business related videos on Youtube and ended up passing in a Seoul university (T/n: 인서울, literally means "in-Seoul", all the prestigious Korean universities are located in Seoul. I didn't even prepare for anything and just played at home. I entered school like that and kept receiving scholarships so I ended up getting a full scholarship at the end

2. I was going to come here to show off being the school's student representative in elementary school, but there are already so many amazing people here...

3. I got an award from the mayor..? It was a scholarship 

4. I got a prize for a poem I wrote 

5. I don't have any.. 

6. Me too, losing 17kg..? Nothing else aside from that 

7. I sang a song and ranked #1 in a national competition. But even though they called it a national competition, the scale wasn't that big... 

8. I uploaded a drawing and went from 0 followers to 400 

9. I got a scholarship for 4 years in university 

10. I shook hands with Kim Yuna... It was trivial, but I felt happy 

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