I'm not talking about those rich people with tens and hundreds of billions in assets but I'm talking about the average citizens

It's just a bag so is there a reason to buy a luxury one...?
Is it really just to show off and because it's pretty??
Instead of buying a few luxury bags, isn't it better to save money to buy real estate instead?

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1. [+74, -1]
Do you think that real estate is worth a few luxury bags? You're not talking about Monopoly real estates right??

2. [+66, -2]
It all comes down to personal taste... if you're not the one buying it, just stop caring

3. [+45, 0]
I also don't care about luxury bags. Even so, I never ask why other people buy theirs. What does that make you?

4. [+25, -25]
They buy it out of vanity because they want to pretend to be richㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Back then, there was a documentary called 'Mother Shock(?)' and they did a social experiment. The results showed that Koreans feel happier when they feel relatively superior to others (in the Korean societal environment). Koreans are not happier by increasing the good things they have, but they feel happier when they take the good things from others. Rather than feeling happy when eating something delicious, we feel happier if we eat something more expensive than others. To be honest, from what I see, our society is crazy and nobody is in their right mindㅋ I'm the type of person who feels content when I'm happy no matter what others do. But in Korea, most of the people are only satisfied when they have an advantage compared to others. That's the reason why they have the desire to acquire luxury goods. They don't like them because of the design, the quality or the practicality, the only thing they care about is how expensive it is, so it can satisfy their vanityㅋ It's difficult to buy a house with their own power but if they tighten their belt, they can at least buy 1-2 luxury bags. Buying a house takes time but you can buy a luxury bag after working for 1-2 months. They want to feel superior to others in an easier wayㅋ

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Why would you ask such thing? It's up to people's own choices and taste...

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