I only submitted this because of the AITA post from earlier, because it reminded me of another interaction I had. I told an acquaintance of mine that I was getting into Changbin from Stray Kids because I thought that he’s hot. She told me that Hyunjin was a bully. I said “I understand that, but Hyunjin’s just kind of in the background for me. He’s funny sometimes but I don’t pay much attention to him.” She called me a hypocrite because I was avoiding Le SSerafim content until the Garam situation’s officially resolved. I said that it’s a completely different thing, and that I’m not even that interested in Le SSerafim overall. Literally the only reason that I’m following Stray Kids at all is for Changbin, because again, I think he’s super hot.

I don’t care if I’m an asshole or not, or if I’m committing a moral wrong. I like short buff guys, so I like Changbin. I want to follow kpop in a way that’s enjoyable. I shouldn’t have to submit an persuasive essay every time I want to talk about the idols that I like, especially if the Idol that I’m talking about is adjacent to a “problematic” one. Honestly, Hyunjin’s situation is nowhere NEAR as bad as Garam’s. They don’t feel comparable at all, at least to me. Again, I could give less of a fuck about Hyunjin, or Garam, or about that person’s opinion, but I’m just tired of having to fight for my life whenever I want to talk about Seo Changbin being hot.

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