As most K-Pop fans know, the industry is rife with cosmetic procedures, both surgical and non, for idols of any age, gender, or nationality. How do you feel about "plastic surgery analyses" made about idols from qualified professionals? As an example of someone unqualified but self-researched doing this, see videos by Lori Hill. Do you think it is better to say nothing at all or to be honest about your opinions as someone who works in the cosmetic enhancement industry? Would you want to see content like that for your bias or not? Do you worry about the possibility of them seeing it, however unlikely? Do you think there is there a certain age that an idol should be before you discuss any possible cosmetic procedures they might have had, or should it be talked about since some fans, some even younger than idols who have had things done as minors, do try to compare themselves to them and are requesting surgery at younger ages? Do you have any other strong opinions on the subject? And if you had to vote on two things.... ONE A. Yes! I'd like to see specific idols analyzed in a blog or vlog (cosmetic procedures only) B. Yes, but I don't want to see specific idols analyzed. I just want to know more about the procedures available and commonly done and trends from specific agencies. C. I would want to see a glow up analysis that includes changes in styling, make up, and hair. D. A and B E. B and C F. None of it! TWO A. I would want weight and body changes in all forms to be discussed as well. B. Leave diet and weight change out, but bring up potential changes made through cosmetic procedures. C. Leave bodies out of it. Thank you!

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