First of all, I want everyone to know this opinion of mine does not come from a place of hate. I'm queer myself, but from my observations about the k-pop industry and how its fans are, I came to the conclusion that for the foreseeable future an out-of-the-closet k-pop idol is impossible.

Sure, we might get another person, who like Holland, was out from the get-go, but it'll still be seen as something "gimmicky" and "risky" by the kpop labels. So I don't think the biggest labels are going to think about that in the near future.

The reason is simple: marketability. 

A queer idol in a conservative country will be less likely to get big brand endorsements, even if they are a god-tier visual or a genius dancer/singer. The GP will probably still take a while to warm up to the idea of queer idols.

And also the k-fans will probably not be too keen into the idea of a queer idol. Idols sell the fantasy of being a dream boyfriend/girlfriend, and if your idol's sexual orientation doesn't include a good chunk of the fandom, it's less likely the k-fans will stan them, because it won't feed into their fantasies. 

I saw in a previous thread a knetizen commenting that "[a male idol's] fans will probably be happy if their idol dates another  man instead of a woman". But I disagree. If the male idol fans are harboring delusional fantasies about is straight in a relationship with a woman, some fans might be upset/leave the fandom, but most of them will be like "so there's a chance oppa/unnie will date me when he's done with this hoe!". Even idols who marry still leave the possibility they might fall in love with the delulu fan. But a gay/lesbian idol will not fall in love with a opposite sex fan, and this will alienate a good chunk of their fandom.

"But stupid OP, WE don't want to date our idols! That's a thing only delulu knetz want, we, i-roaches, are open-minded and we love us some queers". Do you really? Are you sure about that?

No, I'm honestly asking. Because I'm shocked by the amount of homophobia and toxic masculinity views in the k-pop fandom. If you have a male idol who's a little more flamboyant and whose display of masculinity isn't traditional, then you have fans hating on them for being "fruity" and "too gay".

Don't tell me those cases are few in between, because Woonggi (ex-member from TO1) was hated and bullied for loving girl group dances and being his unapologetic self. Kevin from The Boyz (also know by haters as The Gayz, because apparently we're back in the 90s when "gay" was an insult) got hated on for doing nail art and make-up and for his love of Beyonce on multiple occasions.

So I can't help but think that in the current k-pop scene, we (be it k-fans, i-fans or the GP) aren't ready to accept a queer k-pop idol with the love they deserve. People are going to be mean. And thus, I don't think it'll be good for any idol's mental health to have their sexuality out in the open for people to pick apart and use as ammunition against them. I'm pretty sure we have several idols who are queer, but for now they probably won't come out and good that Dispatch et al won't out them, because I dread to think of people's reaction.

But that's just what I think based on my personal experience as a queer person and how I view the k-pop scene, so I'm curious to see if people have more positive perceptions than me. I tend to be very pessimistic.

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