Just like what the title says, I was almost a millionaire. Why? I got 5 out of 6 winning numbers of an 8-figure lottery jackpot. The number that I didn't have was just off by one digit (I put 34, the winning number was 35). Until now, I think about it and how that money could've helped me and my family. 

I'm the oldest daughter and I've been working since I was in my early twenties. While I get why other people would say it's better to earn money through hard work, I just want to rest and not worry for a while. 

To not worry about paying the bills, rent, groceries, my siblings' tuition fees, and other expenses. It's just been so hard lately and I feel like I'm just living my life to work and pay bills. There has to be something more for me out there, right? I just feel so down. 

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