Hello! So growing up, I had acne come and go but nothing too serious. I then moved overseas to Canada and UK for over 5 years for my studies but when COVID hit in 2020 (also my graduation year), I decided to come back to my home country and develop a career here. 

Then I started getting a lot more acne on my face. There can be many reasons for this: 
1. Wearing masks; 2. My home country is a lot more humid than Canada + UK; 3. Adult acne?

Anyway, as per the usual methods, I became more diligent with my skincare and used pimple patches but the acne just became so persistent and some are really large - I've never experienced acne this bad before. After a few months, I went to a dermatologist who gave me some cream to use. I tried it for a few months but my acne did not seem to get better. 

In my return visit to the dermatologist, she gave me antibiotics this time, which long story short, didn't do much for me either. Since the appointments and medication were expensive and didn't seem to have much effect, I just stopped going though I am still using the cream. OH yeah I'm also eating Guilinggao (Traditional Chinese remedy) though I just started with that so hopefully it helps as well.

It's just been a huge blow to my self confidence. I hate taking off my mask as people will see the acne/acne patch on my face. I don't even dare use makeup in fear it will aggravate and irritate my skin further so there is nothing covering it - though sometimes I will use light BB cream which doubles as sunscreen. I don't have depression (only anxiety... which I guess is bad enough lol) but this acne problem is really starting to push some of my thoughts in unpleasant directions. :') 


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