I feel like they've never done a concept like Aespa's for their girl groups and NCT has only gained criticism for their concept too 
They totally lost their mastership with female idol line.. Perhaps they're just trying to read the changing trends of the generations... But now that NewJeans hit daebak, I don't know anymore, I feel like if they could've done just fine with a more youthful/innocent concept too

Anyways, NCT? When they were trainees, they overlapped with SM a lot and they were able to have male and female idols appear on broadcast together. They could go on trips between sunbaes and hoobaes and they still had a strong SM family narrative... But I feel like Red Velvet f*cking doesn't care about Aespa and nobody really takes care of them? It's weird to the point where nobody seems close with them... I wouldn't even be surprised if we found Aespa bad mouthing about RV because it's just so weird... Of course, I might be reaching, but it's possible that I**ene power trip controversy happened during Aespa's debut so they could hate RV too...

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I feel like moment Min Heejin left, SM went back to their original concept. SM was all about the 'end of century' concept from the beginning 

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Honestly, when it comes to concept and aura, Min Heejin's works were unrivaled. But it's true that the weird end of century chaotic vibe belonged to SM from the start. However, one thing for sure is that Aespa is the starting point for SM's change. They also broke the friendship bond that Soshi-F(x)-RV line built. 

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It just feels like Lee Sooman is doing whatever he wants now... It feels like they're trying to apply the same recipe they did with NCT and TVXQ to their girl group

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I don't know if it's the Irene incident, but you can tell that they broke the friendshup chain... There are no existing idols who overlapped with Aespa during their trainee daysㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's not like RV hates Aespa but I just feel like this is a natural outcome. They don't have anything to gain from meeting each other so they have nothing to gain from being friends either... If only they debuted the female rookies according to the existing order, they might've been friends who knows..

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Had they debuted the original SM female rookies, they would've been friends with RV but Aespa all became trainees late so they don't have any overlapping members... That's why none of them are friends

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