From movie director Koreeda, he played the protagonist in "Daremo Shiranai (Nobody Knows). Actor Yagira Yuya.

At that time, he was 14 y'o and he was the first Japanese and youngest actor to have won an award for best actor at Cannes festival
The record of the youngest best actor award hasn't been broken to this day

He attended the first day of Cannes festival, but he missed when they gave out the award because he had to go to school for his exam periodㅋㅋㅋ
So instead, Koreeda received the acting award for himㅋㅋㅋㅋ

At that time, Choi Minsik was also nominated for best actor in Old Boy and this is what he had to say in the interview:
"I acted with fancy techniques, but this friend's acting was literally the character himself. He made a deep impression in me"

Quentin Tarantino who was part of the judging panel said: 
"I've seen so many movies at Cannes, but all I remember is Yagira Yuya's expression."

Just looking at the 2 interviews above, you can tell the type of reactions Yuya received for his acting at that time. 
Of course, he made headlines in Japan for being the 'birth of a new genius'

When he auditioned for Daremo Shiranai, he was only 12 y'o
He said that after joining his agency, Daremo Shiranai was the first audition he ever took and he suddenly just got the role of the protagonist
Koreeda said that the moment he saw Yagira's audition, he thought "this is the gaze"



Even after that, he appeared in Shining Boy and Little Randy, The Bandage Club and several other works, but because the expectations for him after receiving the Cannes award was so high, he said that it was too much of a burden for such a young age
He said that he was frightened because he could feel that the atmosphere was telling him "they called him the child actor prodigy at Cannes, but he's not up to par with expectations~"

"Yagira Yuya clarifies "I wasn't going to commit s**cide"

This cases was concluded that he took way more tranquilizers than prescribed by his doctor
But this was the beginning of his fall into depression so severe that this is what he ended up doing

Because of stress, he also started eating 8 meals a day and his weight rapidly climbed up 
And because he was starting to feel skepticism towards working in the entertainment industry ever since he was young, he started taking part time jobs in car washing companies and restaurants

This is a picture from when he had his rapid weight gain
Because of this, his work also stopped coming in

Then he suddenly announced that he was getting married
At that point in time, he was 20 y'o
The public was also worried about him getting married at such a young age at that time..

His wife is someone he's been dating ever since he was in high school and they dated 4 years
Contrary to the public opinion, Yagira actually started finding more stability ever since he got married



After getting married and stabilizing himself, he started picking up work again 
He started getting good feedback from both his dramas and his movies and he once again became the talk of the town for his successful comeback 

Right now, he's so successful to the point it's an understatement to say that this is his 2nd prime time 
More than anything, he's able to pull off any character and his acting skills is getting good praise

This is a picture that was taken when he came to Busan International Film Festival  for the movie His Lost Name

This is the comment that director Koreeda left for Yagira Yuya when he guested on a show

"After receiving such a big award at a young age (seeing how hard he was having it), I didn't want to meet him. Because I felt like I was greatly responsible for this. 
I want to have the opportunity to work with Yuya again, but if I meet him again, and I don't end up making some successful work like Daremo Shiranai, it would be embarrassing for both me and Yuya. That's why I haven't made him an offer yet."

He started tearing up at those words

He didn't just receive attention, he was the one who received the best acting award at Cannes
He's a case where people's expectation led to his collapse, but he was able to find success again. I can't help but be proud of this actor 

Let's end it with Yagira Yuya acting cute because he was embarrassed seeing his younger self

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1. I'm so grateful to see Yagira san pick up acting againㅠㅠㅠㅠ I was shocked to see him cast in GintamaㅜㅜNo matter what the genre is, his acting is so good, his gaze is just different 

2. What a relief that he was able to find stability by meeting a good person 

3. So the moment he debuted, he won best actor at Cannes?? There's no way he doesn't get burdened...

4. I was reading this while bein anxious, but it's a relief. Now I'm curious about that movie 

5. He's seriously so good at acting regardless of the genreㅠ It would've been such a waste of his talent, what a reliefㅠ

6. I watched Asakusa Kid and it was the first time in my life that I watched someone's acting in awe
First of all, with his gaze, he's born to be an actor. The way he disguised himself as Kitano Takeshi was seriously freaking solid;; I really hope that he keeps living his stable life and keep finding good works in the future

7. I seriously watched so many of his movies and his acting always gave me goosebumps and made me cry. I didn't know that he grew up like that. It's a relief that he got to act again 

8. He seriously has something different with his eyes

9. Wow... I didn't know that he had this kind of upbringingㅠㅠㅠ Hijikataㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

10. His acting in Daremo Shiranai was just insane. I remember seeing pictures of him working part-time and stopped acting so I thought "we lost another great child actor again" but it's a relief that he started againㅠㅠ I've never seen him act aside from Daremo Shiranai, but it's good to know that he's been consistently picking up works

11. Daremo Shiranai... Seriously the movie broke my heart. I'm happy to see him finding stabilityㅠㅠ

12. Daremo Shiranai... This was seriously... A placid shockㅠ readers who are into Japanese works you must watch it 

13. I watched Gintama and I had no idea it was the child actor from Daremo Shiranai...!!!!

14. You have to watch Daremo Shiranai... This was the best movie among Koreeda's movies, the acting tooㅠㅠ

15. His acting in Daremo Shiranai was so good that it was shocking. But I always thought that it was thanks to the directing. Now seeing him be successful even in his other works, I realize how much of a good actor he is 

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