"Only with works under review/in talks, Cha Eunwoo has 4 of them"

"Dak Gang Jeong"
Comedy involving a mysterious machine turns people into sweet and sour chicken (dak Gang Jeong), and the people who get involved with it die or go missing. 

"Lost In America"
A K-pop boy group, which is about to debut in New York, USA, accidentally ends up in the wrong place in Texas two days before their showcase.

"Today's Lovely Dog"
Push-pull romance between a daughter mommy's girl 'Han Haena' who turns everyone she kisses into a dog and a man 'Jin Seowon' who is scared of dogs. 

"This Relationship Is Irresistible"
An irresistible romance between a woman who obtained a forbidden book that was thoroughly sealed 300 years ago and a man who became a victim of the forbidden book.

It's revealed that he is under discussion for 4 works currently. 
In addition, 'Ireland' and 'Decibel' are said to be already in post-production with filming being completed!
(Eunwoo's works come out one after another... Wow...:o)

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1. He needs to shoot as much as he can since he's still young 

2. Please work him like a cow

3. The moment he's practices acting, he's set

4. I think we can all agree that Cha Eunwoo is getting cast regardless of his acting skills.. But if he practices, his skills will improve. He just needs to put more effort in his practice. I hope he'll be able to get good direction and his filmography will be good. He needs to leave his trace in as many places as possible with that face of his.. 

5. But all 4 works are so so... 

6. I really hope that Cha Eunwoo gets all of them 

7. Didn't he act for 8 years already... He still can't act, until when is he going to get work solely through his face... 

8. It's okay even if you're bad at acting, just show us your face as much as possible 

9. Please let's study acting

10. I really hope he accepts Dak Gang Jeong

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