"Their rap was shockingly good..."
"The hook and the beat were so obviously made with Teddy's cliche style, but the rap verse was so good that I feel like I'll keep listening to it. 
The part's rapping and beat were just the epitome of hip hop. 
Lisa and Jennie's rap sounds novel here, I'm shocked."

- Me too I loved this part
- I was also not expected them to put that G-funk style with the "beeeeeep" ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
- Seriously the beat and the arrangement and the 2 rap were shockingㅋㅋ
- Seriously I was shockedㅋㅋㅋㅋ
- It suddenly gave me West Coast vibes so I was surprisedㅋㅋㅋ
- I know that Teddy made the song for them. It's quite obvious that Teddy came up with those lyrics on top of that beat, but I want to listen to his version of the song... I bet it's amazing 

"Lisa's rap talent is seriously a waste"
- If they're not giving her a rap album with that kind of skills, it'll seriously go to waste

- For real, the moment I saw this, I realized this is the kind of skills girl groups should have 
- This song's rap was seriously crazy 
- Did they write their own lyrics? Lisa was the best...
> The lyrics were done by Teddy
- The G-funk sound f*ck, which other idol has ever done it? They took over guys 
- Personally, including female rappers, Jennie and Lisa's rap was one of the best

"F*ck Jennie-Lisa's part was eargarsmic"

"BlackPink's song's report"
It tasted like putting kimchi and a hamburger in curry and mixing it together. 
The rap line, the vocal line, the rap line, the vocal line 
This is KPOP's recipe so once you change that, it's easy to break the glow
but on top of it, they added the Geomungo (Korean instrument) and then they suddenly added 90s West Coast vibe... 

They didn't have those outrageous transitions that Aespa had, but BlackPink totally pivoted their song this time.. 

But one thing to highlight is that Jennie's rap was amazing 
It's my first time seeing a female idol with this kind of flow in my entire life

"The song is JOAT and the rap is GOAT"

What's up with the G-funk in the intro and the 2 verses?
Considering all male and female groups in Korea, they have the best rappers
Jennie and Lisa and the 2nd GD&TOP

"BP's new song report" 
The moment the 2nd verse started, it changed to the Boom bap beat and Lisa and Jennie's rap reminded me of the same feeling when I listen to Deepflow and QM's Dead Stock. But the issue is that this was the only part that was good, the rest sounded like an Indian song.. 

I'm touched by Jennie and Lisa's rap 

Q: Is this out of sudden?
- Domestic hip hop fans have always thought that BP were good at rapping. They're the only 2 idol rappers who don't get dissed

Q: Are they this good? 
- As you might know, Lisa and Jennie don't write their own rap. They don't do rap making either. So this is a minus for them as a rapper. Still, despite the fact, they're still able to get praised which means they must have some kind of innate talent, they're f*cking frauds

Q: Please explain 
- When they rapped this time, they suddenly switched to G-funk instrumentals. It's even impressive to see KPOP experimenting with G-funk in the first place. Meanwhile, Lisa and Jennie's rhymes were so tight and they were able to spit a new flow. They pulled off the 90s G-funk vibe. Even among female rappers who mastered rap, there aren't that many who can get this amount of command.

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1. Jennie is seriously a good rapper

2. Jennie and Lisa are simply freaking good rappersㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. I don't know anything about it, but I've never liked any female rappers, but Jennie's rap was seriously so good 

4. If you liked YG's old hip hop acts, you will know that this is good 

5. I'm not even joking, they're worthy to be at the top of domestic hip hopㅋㅋㅋ

6. Their rap was seriously crazy.. 

5. Honestly, aside from the fact that they're idols, they were f*cking good at rappingㅋㅋ This is already a shocking song, but that part especiallyㅋㅋ Jennie and Lisa are good, but I' also surprised by Teddy 

6. Does Teddy not want to release songs for himself? I'm curious 

7. They're the two-tops of domestic hip hop

8. The rap was so good even thought he song was so so 

9. Wow Lisa really chewed it up

10. It's true that they're the second Gd&TOP... Give us Jennie&Lisa

11. Lisa and Jennie are both amazing, it's been so long since I've seen Jennie rapping, it was so goodㅠ

12. I seriously acknowledge Lisa... She was freaking impressive even in HYLT 

13. The rap is good but their expressions and gestures are totally hip. This is something only BP can do. Give us an unit with those 2 

14. Jennie is insane. I hope we get a Jenlisa unit 

15. Lisa is a good rapper, but her gestures are no joke. The moment you're clumsy with it, you might look cringe, but her hand gestures and her grove are seriously gangster

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