The Seoul Yeongdeungpo Police Station, which received a complaint filed by the National Newspaper to the effect that KBS intentionally lowered Im Youngwoong's broadcasting score to interfere with his work by manipulating the singer's ranking, was recently booked for a related case.

Previously, the police had conducted an internal investigation (investigation before arrest) with a KBS official as a reference. It is reported that KBS submitted materials related to the scoring criteria for broadcasting scores of ‘Music Bank’ to the police.


Critics pointed out that the broadcaster was abusing its power, and when Im Youngwoong's song was played on a radio program from KBS, there was a demand to disclose the method of counting broadcast scores.

KBS claimed that Im Youngwoong's song was not broadcasted on KBS TV, radio, and digital content, but changed its position when it was revealed that "If We Ever Meet Again" was in fact broadcasted on the radio during the counting period.

A, who filed a complaint with the police against KBS for obstruction of business, said, "It is a disastrous fact that KBS, a public broadcaster that should aim for strict and neutral counting, is embroiled in such allegations," adding, "We expect the truth of the case will be clarified through a police investigation."

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1. Well done

2. Yahㅋㅋㅋ I was worried that this would just get quietly buried but this is a relief

3. As expected, since they touched a public's favorite, it created a buzz

4. I support you!

5. It's because it's Im Youngwoong that this issue blew up. This issue would've been buried if it was another singer

6. They always had issues with their broadcast points but all thanks to Im Youngwoong, the issue has finally blown up

7. Why would they make it so obvious towards Im Youngwoong of all people?

8. Please do this transparently 

9. Rigged-Bank, reveal everything

10. Huh? Did Le Sserafim win #1 anywhere else? This seems fishy

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