Hello, this is Seo Minjae. 

I'm writing this post to address yesterday's incident. 

First of all, I had a quarrel with my lover yesterday because of each other's own mistakes. At that time, I was in a state where I lost my rationality, to the point that I can't even exactly remember everything now because I ate more than the prescribed amount of psychiatric medication due to stress. That's why I sometimes upload irrelevant posts, and sometimes I get hurt because of mistakes I make, so I'm currently in the hospital. Because I've been receiving treatment, I'm releasing this so late.

And we were able to reconcile with each other. 
I am very sorry for causing concern to so many people.

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1. Did Nam Taehyun give up on life... Investigate him sigh 

2. When she appeared on Heart Signal, she looked like such a strong and kind-hearted person... 
It would've been better for her to just live the life of a commoner
She changed after starting playing with celebrities and meeting the wrong boyfriend
You can see that she's young so she can't refuse anything, it's such a shame that she's been sucked into this 

3. If you overdo medication, it's true that you commit weird acts, but where is the mention of being investigated with her boyfriend for drugs? She mentioned getting beaten by her boyfriend, and that she has a phone recording of it, and she released it several times on IG on top of it??? I knew I couldn't believe it, but even so, she turned her boyfriend into a complete druggie and right now, people are saying all kinds of bullsh*t against, him, isn't this her fault?

4. Get investigated for drugs you people. Why are people bringing drugs in Korea? It's so annoying 

5. Whether she lied or it's true, they both need to get investigated

6. In the past, even if you joked about taking drugs online, the police will take you in and pick your hair for investigation, of course they need to be investigated

7. When she appeared on Heart Signal, she looked like she was living her life to the fullest and she was so cool, why did she turn out like that?

8. Hul? I saw an article about Nam Taehyun getting investigated.. What is the result?

9. Nam Taehyun isn't even famous anymore, but he's there causing scandals all the time, his life became a gossipㅋㅋㅋ

10. Just what kind of person is Nam Taehyun.. 

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