Long hair

Short hair

(T/N: this pic is going viral in community site because of the "sunbae" vibes)

OP prefers the short hair. She looks prettier with long hair but she stands out right away with short hair
"Ah f*cking funny, crazy.
A girl who twisted her wrist to complete the fan's heart......"

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1. It's my first time seeing her but she looks more mature with long hair. She has an aura with short hair.

2. She's pretty with bothㅠㅠ but since she has short hair now, short hair for me!

3. I want Gaeul sunbae to make me tired

4. F*cking short hair ㅠㅠㅜ

5. She looks pretty with long hair but she looks unique with short hair

6. Short hair short hair short hair...

7. Long hair no matter what. Even though she did her short hair since Love Dive, I think it's better for her to go back to long hair. I don't think she suits short hair... It's like her charms don't really live up to her short hair... she would look super pretty with long black hair though

8. She looks prettier with long hair but she looks more like a character? with short hair. But she looks pretty either way

9. She does look prettier with long hair but short hair makes her stand out so much

10. My eyes go straight to her with short hair

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