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1. If you watched Liz on their self-content, she hates doing aegyo but she's freaking cute. She finds it cringe so she can't bring herself to do it, but she's even cuter like that 

2. This one is too good..

3. Those look like movies' still cuts

4. Those look like those Taiwanese + Japanese youth movies, the images are so well-selected

5. I really wonder what the songs will sound like. This is totally different from what they did so far

6. Those reminds me of pictures that friends take of each otherㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Ah I love stuff like that 

7. Liz really lost weight

8. But it kinda has the horror movie vibe to it??

9. This is so my taste, it really feels like they're showing off their youth?

10. This is youth 

11. Liz-yah... She's crazy.. She's living her glory days (t/n: Liz = 리즈 = glory days)

12. This concept is insane

13. This one from Rei is my favorite

14. How to put this? Liz kinda reminds me from Japanese actresses from back in the days

15. They're really at work.. I'm so looking forward to this conept

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