(the video isn't subbed. The first part of the video is just about her reading the comments from Youtube and Reddit. The other half of the part is about the problematic lyrics such as "It ain't for free", "Take a lookie" "This treat", "Softer than brownies", etc.. She says that the English lyrics are just senseless. She wraps up with more Reddit comments. All the comments she reads are in English) 

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1. Honestly you don't even need English to know that the lyrics are just weird no???

2. Min Heejin really loves Western stuff, but I feel like her understanding isn't good 

3. Wow in Korean, it just felt like a cute song and I felt like the hate was unwarranted, but the English comments... Are freaking shocking 

4. Meanwhile, the company didn't even looked at the controversy and released their lawsuit notice right away???? I still support them suing hate comments but this is..

5. This is getting so much shield, not because of NewJeans but because there are too many kids who fangirl over Min Heejinㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. The English lyrics are so obvious that even just reading the Korean version, you can tell what it means 

7. But the song is still successfulㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ So I bet they won't have any intention to fix it

8. Seriously they should know what they're singing about if they're going to sing about it 

9. Ah but it's 2x weirder if you listen to the English versionㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ What kind of gap is this...

10. The entire team are underage and honestly one of them is still in their 2nd grade middle school, they should know better... 


On the 17th, on the YouTube Bridge TV channel, a video titled 'New Jeans Cookie Lyrics Controversy, Conclusive Evidence (ft. Live translation)' was uploaded.

In the video, interpreter Kim Taehoon revealed his thoughts on the lyrics after saying, "I decided to make a video because I think they should be more careful when giving lyrics to underage singers."

He said, "It is true that the word 'cookie' in the lyrics means female private parts." He said, "If you ask someone who speaks English fluently to hear this song and ask if it's sensual, they'll say 100 if it's on a hundred."

He said, "When the explanation came out and they claimed that the members were pouring out their hearts baking cookies, I went "Huh?"".

Interpreter Kim Taehoon added, "If I baked cookies with common sense, why would I tell people "come and take a lookie"?"

He said, "They had a planning that was airtight and success-guaranteed, why would they risk pulling something weird like that?" He said, "There must have been people who were fluent in English in Hybe and Adore. If this song was sung by people who are all adults I'd just look like a Confucian boy [complaining about it]. While lyrics with such a s**** metaphor are common in the pop scene these days, the problem is that young children are singing it. Imagine how hurt they must be to have this kind of controversy stuck on them the moment they debut?"

Then he said, "If it's really not done intentionally, maybe they need to improve the system."


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1. You can't be in your right mind if you're making minors sing songs like that 

2. Shocking.. 
"What's surprising is that my age is close to their parents' age. 
I want to become a good auntie for them. I want to become a good mom to them."

3. They're all minors.. I don't think they didn't consider these kinds of gossips at all when planning for the debut album 

4. Disgusting 

5. Why do they have controversies every other day?... They're becoming unlikable 

6. I like NewJeans, but the moment I heard Cookie, I thought it was so weird that I stopped listening to it 

7. Seriously fluent English speakers are the ones who are calling these lyrics weird, why would people call it 'forced hate'?

8. Min Heejinㅡㅡ

9. No but why would you give kids lyrics that sound like that... Or did she intentionally give them ?

10. They tried to shut people down with their lawsuit, meanwhile foreigners' antipathy for her just grew. Why are people trying to act cool about it here..


(t/n: we will only translate the screenshot's content) 

"Imagine another singer singing a song, but they're doing it with a Korean producer and they're making lyrics in Korean and in English that goes like this:
"I made something precious, I'll bake it for you." 
"I made something precious. It's so soft, I keep thinking about it"
"If you want it, you can get it If you want it"
"Looking at my precious thing. As expected, the taste is different (taste it), one bite isn't enough""

"I'm afraid this will become an even bigger controversy, so I'm going to address this carefully. 
I'm doing this so we can find a way to stop these kinds of controversies from repeating themselves.
It's true that these lyrics are about female private parts. 
Claiming that this isn't it and covering your eyes is just like trying to cover the sky with one hand."

"Talking about Ice Cream which has a lot of innuendos"

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1. It's seriously creepy to make people who are 16 y'o sing those lyrics.. They're wrong for that 

2. The moment you replace cookie with any other word, you'll understand why there's those nuance in the lyrics. But actually, cookie is a widely known slangs

3. If this is true, the producer is the issue here 

4. Ah crazy, I even listened to the song today but now I'm shocked...

5. The lyrics were written by someone in Swedenㅜ

6. Seriously, there's no way you don't see it 

7. We're talking about clams here, this is disgusting... I didn't even listen to the song but I want to throw away my eyes

6. Freaking disgustingㅠㅠㅠㅠ

7. Meanwhile, they're trying to shut people's mouth with their lawsuit...

8. So it's the same as saying "I'll bake the clam I caught for you?"

9. Seriously I'm barfing

10. Giving these lyrics to minors is just wrong...

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