They hit #1 in real time
Green: Attention

They're also #3 on TOP100!

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1. I found Attention the most so so though... Hybe Boy find strength. Cookie let's run too!

2. Hybe Boy let's rise! Cookie too!

3. Attention was my favorite song 

4. The first time I heard 'Attention' I knew this would be it

5. This is the proof that if your song is good, you can hit big.
Companies should stop focusing on useless and silly things and just focus on making their idols pay attention to their main job..

6. Attention is on repeat in my head all day long, I freaking love it 

7. Hybe Boy, please find strength. But Attention seriously sounds so refreshing. When it's humid outside, I turn it on and I feel refreshed

8. The weather is so damp so I keep listening to Attention 

9. Attention is freaking good.. But Hype Boy find strength 🤗

10. They just debuted and they're already top idols, they're insane

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