(We will only translate the content of the screenshots)

- You know we weren't supposed to be a singing group right?
- Because everyone was so bad at singing!
- We were supposed to be focusing on rap
- And sprinkle some vocals like side dishes
- At first, we had another song that was a debut song contender
- It was 80% rap and 20% singing
- You'd think that Lee Sooman gave it a pass?
- We had no swag at all...
- In the end, we didn't have any songs to choose from 
- So we told ourselves, we need to up our skills to pull off that song called 'Replay'
- When we received that song's guide, we were so worried
- Then we saw people doing it, and we had to match that

And this is how their debut live performance was born

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1. Wow isn't Jonghyun the top when it comes to powerful vocals..? Everyone did so well 

2. Wasn't SHINee considered a talented group even back then?ㅋㅋㅋ Thank you SHINee for coming to us with Replay 

3. Everyone did so well, I'm shocked 

4. I still remember when they just debuted, people already called Jonghyun's voice 'complete'. Even my bias group covered SHINee's songs in the past, so I discovered them like that ㅋㅋㅋ Even listening to it again, I realize how freaking good they were. Seriously Jonghyun ripped this apart

5. Jonghyun made an all-kill with his debut song Hyeya.. He was seriously completeㅠ

6. Huh...? They couldn't sing...???!!

7. His words are so unconvincing to me that I just can't bring myself to understand it...?

8. Aside from SHINee's Minho, everyone was goodㅋㅋ

9. Jonghyun and Onew's vocals were already so strong off the bat. I still remember them covering people's songs on radio 

10. SHINee's skills were all pretty good? The main vocal Jonghyun was such a fraud with how good he was so maybe that's why, but I found that everyone else were also good? Especially when Taemin and Key released their solos, I was shocked at how good they were at singing. It was my first time finding out that they're good 

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