V, Park Seojoon, Choi Woosik, PArk Hyungsik and Peakboy are the cast
It's shocking to see that they have no buzz at all 

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1. So there's no buzz at all 

2. I thought people would be more curious to see a variety show with Park Seojoon and BTS V on it

3. This show's ratings were never high to start with

4. There's nobody on the show that I really like, but when I was eating, I accidently landed on the show and it was nice. If you're looking for a variety show that's fun, this won't be it. It's more like watching a reportㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. But still, we're talking about top stars appearing on it, it's true that this is severe

6. I'm also shocked to see that there's no buzz considering the members on the show

7. I'm not surprised, when you have a big fandom, your viewer ratings are always low 

8. It's actually better than I thought 

9. It's because it's boring 

10. The members are legendary, this is shocking 

11. It's because it feels too much like a self-content 

12. Hul I didn't know... It's seriously not getting any buzz...

13. I'm even more shocked that this is allowed on TV, it just feels like a show for fansㅋㅋㅋ

14. It's because it's boring, if there's no viewers, there's no buzz

15. It's boring, I watched the 1st episode on Disney+ and stopped. I just hoped that the editing can make it a bit more fun 

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