It's already September, actually, ever since May, it's been 3 months since they've stopped dating 

+ Actually, the girlfriend had her birthday in June, but they didn't meet. Meanwhile, Leo called other friends and hung out with them 

Friend in question = Tobey Mcguire

+ On July 3rd, they were both in Malibu, but didn't meet each other (Leo was playing with Tobey and his friends, and Camila was hanging out alone) 

+ At the beginning of August, Camila wrapped up shooting and was going around on vacation, meanwhile Leo with other female friends

+ Leo didn't do much, he was going around New York, LA and Malibu and went to a lot of clubs, he didn't meet Camila 

So after 3 months, they kept getting into break up rumors

Usually, whenever we have break up rumors, we'd start getting those gossips articles out, but there hasn't been any articles about it

And the day before yesterday, some reputable broadcast claimed as if it was factual that they've actually broken up 
Even the guests seem to be in the know 

And now we're having articles about Leo dressing down and going to clubs for a "solo weekend"

Anyways, so the last tie they met each other was in May...
And it might've been a break up trip

What did they tell each other when breaking up...
Camila is a 97'er so I'm starting to wonder if he's really going to start dating 00'ers now...

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1. Will he die if he met a woman above 25????? I don't get it 

2. At this rate, he needs therapy for this 

4. F*cking goosebumps, does he feel repulsed by 25?

5. Is he under a curse or something... Will he die if he dated a woman above 25 y;o...

6. At this rate............. I really wonder what's the reason behind this....................

7. Both are adults, so they don't need to care what others think about them dating but I'm still fascinatedㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Why is he like that??ㅋㅋ

8. At this rate, it's a disease

9. He's famous, he's rich, so the moment he dates, everyone knows. There's no actual need for him to date someone seriously anyways

10. I'm pretty sure that he has no thought of getting married and he just likes being in dates, but stillㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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