Those are the results of Miss Korea, Seoul district for the preliminaries
First: Lee Seunghyun
Second: Kim Jisoo, Yoo Sieun 
Third: Lee Daseul, Kim Ji Oh, Hansol 

First - Lee Seunghyun

Second - Kim Jisoo 

Second - Yoo Sieun

Third: Lee Daseul

Third - Kim Ji Oh

Third - Hansol 

This year's Miss Korea is expected to be held in October

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1. They're all pretty, but there's really nobody with a face that hasn't been touched

2. They're all pretty, but Jieun isn't the 1st for nothing. Her aura is different 

3. Are they still judging them in bathing suits? I hope they can remove that round and broadcast this on public TV. If they didn't broadcast it on TV, I wouldn't even know they're doing that.... 

4. The #1 looks like Miss Korea and the other ones all look like celebrities 

5. The #1 looks a bit like Kazuha? That girl who debuted recently and people were calling her pretty... She also look like that person in It's Okay To Not Be Okay, I forgot her name 

6. Lee Seunghyun and Yoo Sieun are pretty 

7. Are they always going to give the Miss Korea to the same looking people?

8. They're all pretty, but I don't understand why we're still picking Miss Koreas now... 

9. Wow the moment I saw the first place, I knew why she's the first place, all of them are pretty 

10. I can't believe we're still doing Miss Koreas, it's dumbfounding. I really hope we can stop already, I can't understand this stuff

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