In a Filipino entertainment program, Super Junior's Eunhyuk's father image was used as the subject of a quiz question.

In the entertainment program 'Tropang LOL', which was recently aired on the Philippine channel Kapamilia, the participants' interaction gained attention.

In the broadcast, the question 'which K-Pop group recently canceled a concert in the Philippines on the same day because the father of one of the group members passed away?' came out.

In the process of deducing the correct answer, the cast frowned at the viewers by making fun of Super Junior's group name and even making grimaces. 


They haven't even apologized until now

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Filipinos always push the agenda that all Koreans did surgery all the time, meanwhile Korea is the country who is supposed to be always racist against Philippines, the country who swears at Korea everyday 

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A Filipino movie director also went around saying all Korean actors did whitening surgery while showing their inferiority complexㅋㅋ They're not educated meanwhile they're showing their inferiority complex
"Filipino movie director Erik Matti posted on his SNS criticizing Korean dramas on Netflix saying "Those actors who received skin whitening surgery are just acting out love stories"

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What I'm pissed off about is why have that Filipino show still not apologize? It shows the level of that country 

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I hope we stop recruiting people from Philippines, it's obvious that the fans will act up if we debuted someone from that country 

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I went to Boracay in the Philippines, and regardless of men and women, all of them kept starring at me. Some even stopped in the streets to look at me.. I don't understand why they would stare at me and the helper who was there told me that it's because my skin was white and that the country was jealous because they admire white skin like crazyㅋㅋ 

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