They seem to be f*cking free and it seems like they have all the right to forget that their main job is to be idols.
They can enjoy their own free time, hang out, meet guys, raise their own pets, shoot CFs and pictorials, attend fashion shows, and when they are on a break, they would go never on live for over 2 times a month for the fans. They have only been live 4 times in half a year no?
And even when they go on live, in 90% of the time, it's just Jisoo alone.
I feel like the other members have forgotten that they are idols and that their fandom are Blinks outside their promotion time.
It's only when they have a comeback that they go "Blinks, we miss you ㅠㅠ"
When they are on hiatus, they only upload ads on their Insta accounts and never properly communicate with fansㅋㅋ

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1. [+118, -20]
BP who gets acknowledged for tearing up the stage every time with their skills and receive lot vs OP's bias who only lipsync and perform half-assed stages while grabbing unto the fans by communicating with them to get the fans' money. Which one looks more like singer who's doing their job? Let's vote go go

2. [+104, -12]
Rather, it really makes me wonder why people are so obsessed with idols communicating with fans. Ever since the beginning, there were a lot of Blinks who like them just for their skills and songs so they've never felt annoyed by the fact that they communicate less than some other groups

3. [+98, -12] 
There are no other groups that are as filial as BP... their fans would know. Every time they have a public broadcast, they would prepare supportㅠ it's just because their comeback has been delayed. Once they comeback, they'll take care of all their fans' needs

4. [+60, -1]
I rather I feel like they are rather giving OP's bias a wake up call. Idols are singers too so their priority should be their song and performance. Nowadays. there are so many idols getting hate because of pseudo-relationships and there are so many of them prioritizing communicating with fans over their skills. I think it's weird

5. [+50, -1]
But shouldn't this be the direction that idols should take instead?ㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+34, -1]
Just say that you're jealous

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