I think that the 3rd gen girl groups are slowly getting to a close

What do you think is the final ranking?

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1. [+387, -53]
If you add everything together, it's BP > Twice > RV.. But right now, it's BP > RV> Twice.. This is just an objective factㅇㅇ

2. [+266, -47]
Since the Twice-roaches can't fire at BP anymore, they've been trying to grab RV... They are a legendary fandom who cannot praise their own signers without dragging other singersㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+200, -4]
Why do we always do things like these? To attract the trolls?

4. [+139, -180]
Nationally, it's Twice and overseas, it's BP. These two team win in their own field so you cannot say who\s more above who. To be honest, it's a fact that RV falls behind too much to be put with Twice and BP. Objectively speaking, it's Twice = BP >>>>>>>>> RV

5. [+137, -80]
We're ranking them based on the overall 3rd gen history so why are people bringing up their current results? You fools, RV doesn't deserve to be put together with Twice and BP results-wise at all. It's only because they are all from big companies that people put "Tw-Re-Bl" together

6. [+113, -88]
There is no other place aside from Pann who look down that much on Twice. Twice is #1 in almost all the fields concerning girl groups. Saying that their current results are bad and that RV are above them is bullsh*t

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