People are claiming that she fixed her chin and nose and are hating on here but I'm wondering what has chanegd? I seriously don't know so that's why I'm asking... I feel like everyone is being brainwashed by the trolls. There's at least one post hating on her nose or chin every day on Pann ㅇㅇ

 Just look at the comparison pictures

During Izone

And this is currently

Just what has changed? Are they gaslighting us into thinking that something changed? I'm getting goosebumps

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1. [+112, -24]
The trolls started making up rumors about Jang Wonyoung touching her nose and chin not even 2 months into her hiatus after her debut. I'm wonering if their IQ even goes beyond 80

2. [+93, -9]
They don't stan her so they don't know but her front view is totally different? Her slightly lantern jaw disappeared and I think that she fixed her jaw with braces. Ahn Yujin has inner braces right now so it's possible that they got it together. Her lips also got much bigger so you're telling me that it's makeup?.. Anyways, it's true that she's pretty but she's prettier now (T/N: "lantern jaw" for reference)

3. [+75, -22]
Trolls just have inferiority complex

4. [+56, -24]
Seriously the f*cking same

5. [+45, -4]
You can tell right away that her lantern jaw is much better now... Back then, Izone appeared as a full group on Problematic Men and if you look at those videos, you'll see the difference in her lantern jaw... you can't tell from the pictures above but if you look at her videos from back then and compare them to now, you can see how severe her jaw was. But you can't see her lantern jaw at all now... so that's why I don't wonder why people are claiming that she shaved her chin.... do you think that people will say that for nothing?

6. [+41, -7]
Nose tip filler, lips filler, facial massage, braces... that's why her bouth and chin look less protruding

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