Because NewJeans are hitting big, it's like they are straight up copying them

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1. [+289, -29]
Haewon's proportions are severe

2. [+200, -21]
JYP copies anything that looks a bit good

3. [+163, -21]
It's a daily thing for Twice, ITZY and NMIXX to steal from other idols
""I apologize"... JYP, finally bows down their head in light of plagiarism controversy of Dahyun and Blackpink's outfits"

4. [+106, -3]
These kids' proportions are bad. NewJeans aren't super tall either but NMIXX's proportions are severe

5. [+105, -14]
Even if they tried to copy them, JYP will never lose their unique outdated feel

6. [+84, -3]
They were going for the O.O concept and saw that NewJeans were doing well so they are suddenly copying themㅋㅋ

7. [+78, -3]
Even if you copy us, you can't become us^^

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