They guested on the Youtube show 'Look, My Shoulder's Dislocated'
When Lia came out, I realized that her nose was a bit different
The moment I saw her I realized that her nose' height rised up
If you watch the video, you can see it better



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I'm really asking this out of curiosity, but why did she do it? Her profile was already f*cking pretty in the past. To me, Yeji and Lia were the 2 top prettiest profiles of ITZY

2. [+165, -0]
She looked more naturally pretty before

3. [+157, -0]
I thought this post was a troll post, but it's true...?

4. [+145, -0]
No but her previous nose was already pretty, why did she do it? I'm speechless

5. [+105, -0]
Why did she change it? The height doesn't even look thta different from before

6. [+54, -0]
As expected, you can't only touch your nose once. but I don't think she's due for her revision yet so why did she do it? It's way too obvious that I'm taken aback 

7. [+37, -2]
Chaeyeong's nose looks so natural once she did it and she got so much prettier, but why did Lia also do hers...? Her previous nose was way prettier...

8. [+36, -1]
Everyone in JYP did their nose..

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