"Leeseo baby knew that it was a character from Pokemon but she didn't know that it was a manga.. The sticker she wants to get from Pokemon bread is Squirtle!"

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1. [+146, -7]
For real, people make a controversy out of nothingㅠ

2. [+142, -9]
No but she knew who Pikachu was, and it's possible not everyone knows Pikachu, why are people dragging a 3rd grade middle school?

3. [+126, -3]
But even the fact that this was a controversy just shows that Pann's Jjinddas are the ones who are forcing this among them. In real world, nobody would even consider this a controversyㅋㅋㅋ Anyways, Ive Fighting, they have so many forced haters lately 

4. [+55, -3]
There's seriously nobody else but Pann kids who would swear at someone for not knowing Pikachu, it's f*cking dark here

5. [+48, -0]
Is not knowing what Pikachu is worth receiving the same hate a school violence assailant would?? Seriously I'm curious 

6. [+43, -2]
She even knew who Pikachu was, she just didn't know that he appeared in Pokemon's manhwa... She even knows Pokemon bread. All they asked her is does she know Pokemon Pikachu? And she said 'yeah I know from the Pokemon bread".. There's a controversy for everything now f*ck. Leeseo baby fightingㅠㅠ

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