During IVE's content, they had to separate 3 by 3 
They were picking teams to go on the canoe or the cable car
At first, she got picked for the canoeing team but she made it so obvious with her expressions that she hated it 
Liz then said she wanted to try canoeing and she quickly snatched it away and changed hers
Meanwhile, Yujin said that the teams were the same as last time, so to change teams again 
So the staff walked in and startled shuffling again 
She was starring how the staff was shuffling and picked out the one that she wanted right away
In the end, she picked the one she wanted which was the cable car
And when she picked it, she even started talking about how 'I'm trusting my fate' and whatnot..
Gaeul and Wonyoung who romantically selected
But are we really going in the water for the canoeing?
"But I actually want to try something romantic"
"Huh? Then swap with me"
"Ahn PD team VS Gaeul writer team"
*Eyes shaking*

*the youth feeling anxious premonition*

"I'm going to trust my fate"


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1. [+816, -83]
Rather than being manipulative, I feel like she's the type to be greedy for control. The moment things doesn't go her way, she will feel extreme avoidance to it. Because canoeing might wet her hair or ruin her makeup, she probably doesn't want to do it. Or maybe she just didn't feel like doing it on that day... But it's not like she's whining or forcing Liz to swap it, she just seems to want to control the situation, so to call her manipulative is a bit...

2. [+585, -52]
I watched it because I got curious? But Liz said "I want to try that romantic thing" so Wonyoung said "Huh? Then let's swap with me" and Liz said "Can we change?" Wonyoung: "If we can change, let's change, how about this?" Liz (towards staff): "I want to take the canoe" staff: "Then you guys can change" (Liz and Wonyoung were both holding each other's paddle, it didn't even last 1 second, they both exchanged it at the same time) Wonyoung: "Thank you Liz-yah!" Liz: "I wanted to go canoeing" just how is this problematic?

3. [+551, -475]
But she always wants to do what's comfortable and what will make her look the prettiest while doing it, so she's becoming unlikable. She wants the princess treatment and it's so obivous

4. [+528, -70]
You're hiding your inferiority complex too much in this post

5. [+470, -109]
Rather than manipulative, she just takes care of what's most beneficial to her

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