What to do.... They said that she fell from the stairs
"Jung Chaeyeon, 'The Golden Spoon' fractured clavicle + concussion during shooting... "planning surgery tomorrow""

DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon will be undergoing surgery after sustaining a collarbone injury on the set of her upcoming drama “The Golden Spoon.”

On September 12, DIA’s agency MBK Entertainment announced that while filming “The Golden Spoon” in the early morning of September 10, Jung Chaeyeon fell on the stairs and was transferred to a hospital in Seoul.

They added, “After being transferred to a hospital and getting a CT scan and an X-ray, Jung Chaeyeon was diagnosed with a collarbone fracture and showed symptoms of a concussion, and received emergency treatment.”

On September 13, Jung Chaeyeon will undergo surgery for her fractured collarbone where they will check for ligament damage. If there is damage, she will also need surgical sutures.

Later this week, DIA will release their new single “Rooting For You” on September 14 while MBC’s “The Golden Spoon” premieres on September 23.

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Ah f*ck a person's life can be so scary... I hope her surgery goes well and she gets better soonㅠㅠ

2. [+159, -2]
If you have a fractured clavicle, you won't be able to turn to your side or run well and you need to wear a cast. It takes f*cking long to heal... What to do 

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There' not that much filming left too, this is so upsetting, what to do... She has so many f*cking schedules for her ads too. Please get better soon 

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Tomorrow is DIA's 3rd year anniversary and this will be the last comeback before contract renewal, what is happening?

5. [+43, -0]
She came on the fancafe to say that she's fine. I hope she's really fine
"Aideeeeuuuhhhhh you guys must be worried.."
"Aid!!!!!!!! I was supposed to make you guys smile, what am I doin!!!!!!!!!
I felt like you must've been pretty worried so I came hereㅎㅎㅎㅎ
I'll be fine once I do the surgery!!!!!! Please don't worry. 
I'm just a bit nervous.... But it'll be fine :) 
Hehehehehe don't worry, fractured clavicle is fine as long as I remove it
Ah..! And I'm also fine from the concussion too now!!!! My head is fine!!!! I'm fine!!!"

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