He knows how hard the fans work and how much their love means so he tries to never 'waste' them away, he's the best idol... You have to be a psychopath if you hate him 

"Who takes care of us? Our XX takes care of us. So of course, we have to take care of XX too. Give and take. This is the invisible rule that exists everywhere in the world"
"All of us DREAM are much more interested in XX than XX thinks"

"I always say 'money money' all the time"
"But I know that 'money' isn't an easy word"
"Anyone can say nice words and pretty expressions"
"but imagine loving someone so much that you would spend your hard earned money to go to a concert, I know just how much work goes into it so that's why I'm being like thatㅎㅎ"

"The reason why Jaeminie is damn likable. 
Who can't say stuff like 'thank you' and 'I love you' but Jaemin always tells us how much he loves us and is grateful while saying the reason why he loves us and are thankful towards us. That's why it feels like he's not holding back his sincerity. It's so hard to be honest, but Jaemin is able to do it 

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1. [+55, -7]
I seriously got so emotional from this, there are so many celebrities who don't f*cking know how to act like that 

2. [+44, -5]

3. [+39, -5]
Why is Jaemin's heart so pretty too?

4. [+36, -0]
He hugged his mom after the concert... How can you not love him?

5. [+13, -1]
Jaemin's face is too too pretty but his heart is even prettierㅠㅠ

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