They said it themselves officially, but I didn't know if was to this extent... Fan meeting - Darling promotions - Hot promotions - concert - repackage promotion - currently world touring --> Japanese comeback <<new! 

I can't even believe this but this all happened within 6 months 

+ Everytime they come back, they go on varieyt shows to promote and shoot for Going Seventeen, they even had individual promotions

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... When they promoted _World, they shot this. We went crazy when we saw them in suits, we love uniformsㅜㅜ

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During the last show, they had those dull sponge-looking clothes, but this Japanese comeback's outfit is quite pretty 

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Even when time passes and Seventeen all go walk their individual paths, the singers and the fans will not refret anything, they seriously lived their lives to the fullest

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People sometimes look at Carats and are f*cking sarcastic when they say that they only pour love and support to their singers... But seriously once you enter the fandom, you realize that this is the reality;; Right now, Pann is all about akgaes and trolls and the atmosphere is f*cking strangeㅠ But Seventeen really doesn't hate their fans;; I feel like the moment one gets caught hating on their fan, they'd get sworn at to no end by the other 12 members;; Anyways, they treasure each other and they're able to stay consistent... But the moment a troll or an anti appears here, they just stop breathing

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But what's amazing about Seventeen is that despite their deadly schedules, even if the fans died, they will never skip a single one of them. Actually the fans are the ones who are saying "I'm having it hardㅠㅠ" and the oppas would tell them "Did you rest~? What do you want us to show you~?" and will make the fans laugh. For real they have a crazy professional mindset and their relationship with the fans is actually quite healthy 

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