[enter-talk] V IS SO INNOCENT


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1. [+102, -11]
Look at his aura, it's unrivaled

2. [+101, -9]
I realized that fall was coming after looking at V. His outfit is all pretty. I thought that he was leaving the country again

3. [+92, -9]
He's handsome even at 5 AM

4. [+53, -2]
Freaking handsome

5. [+43, -5]
As expected, he has a celebrity's face. Even if I was mad at him, just looking at his face can make me forgive him

6. [+39, -2]
He's straight up a myung-dong-young (T/N: 얼굴은 화, 성격은 화, 인생은 화 = his face is a famous painting, his personality is fairy tale, his life is a movie), I thought that he was filming a youth movie when entering the countryㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ no but I would even believe you if you told me that he was leaving the country. How can he look this pretty at dawn?!!!!!!!!

7. [+30, 0]
Seriously pretty

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