Ha Lee Mark was nuts. Seriously I was shocked when I saw him
He always looks hip? and gets those fancy styling all the time, so now that he's just with black hair with an easy to pull off outfit, he looks crazy. Please dress him like that all the time. He's f*cking handsome 

And Doyoung was also so handsome that I got shocked. 
When those 2 were together taking turns at singing, you can see their proportions and Lee Mark was 80% of Doyoung, they're just so f*cking handsome.. Ha

+ our 7 are so good live

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1. [+90, -1]
Killing Voice's Moon Taeil, Lee Mark and Kim Doyoung seriously need to comeback another time and go solo please

2. [+79, -1]
Mark and Doyoung were always handome, and they're talented so they look even more handsome. Their vocals and rap were crazy

3. [+66, -1]
Seirously Lee Mark is f*cking handsome. He's good at rapping and he was freaking crazy this time. I had stars in my eyes

4. [+60, -1]
No but Lee Mark was especially handsome on Killing Voice

5. [+54, -1]
Let's all dye your hair to black. SM are you watching?

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