According to a report on SportTV News on the 1st, Enhypen Sunghoon will quit the position of [Music Bank] MC after the broadcast on the 2nd.

Sunghoon was selected as the regular MC of 'Music Bank' in October of last year and played an active role as the '37th bank president'. He was loved by viewers for his calm acting skills and refreshing charm as well as his 'Prince Visual', and won the Best Couple Award at the '2021 KBS Entertainment Awards' at the end of last year.

[...]  After leaving 'Music Bank', he will be focusing on his main job, the team activities.

Enhypen, to which Sunghoon belongs to, is about to go on its first world tour in October. The world tour starts with a Seoul performance held at the SK Handball Stadium in Seoul Olympic Park on the 17th and 18th of this month, and in October, the world tour will be held in 6 cities in the United States and 3 cities in Japan to meet local fans.

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1. So Wonyoung wil keep doing it? 
> I think so?

2. No way Janggooz... But it's true that it's time for a change. Because of the world tour... 🥺

3. So the next MC to be with Jang Wonyoung will be a special MC?

4. Hul he didn't even last a year and is already gone??? ㅠㅠㅠㅠ What a shame 

5. Hul don't they usually change at the same time? 
> That's right
> This or one party gets into a controversy so they're forced to step down..
> It's because of his world tour dates

6. Time flies too fast🥺🥺🥺 Sunghoon-ah you worked hard

7. Doesn't MuBank MCs change after 1 year usually?!? This case is quite rare

8. Oh so have they already picked the next MC? Wonyoung fighting 

9. Honestly there's no reason for MuBank to swap both of them at the same time... Because Wonyoungie is a rising top star right now 

10. Oh so Wonyoung gets to continue doing it 

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