It's not that I have ill feelings for idols younger than that age, it's just that idols are getting younger and younger so this is the thought I had. 

It seems absurd that children who have barely escaped their childhood, who are in their midst to develop their ability to grow up in society, have to be in an extreme environment where people are judged only by their looks and wealth. If there is an argument that the age of consent should be raised from 14 to 16, shouldn't [idols] also be raised to 16 and thus prohibiting work?

People think that they're doing the work that they enjoy but they're practically giving up their normal lives. No but what would kids in their early teens know about experience and taking responsibility over their lives? If not for this path, at that age, they shouldn't know anything about it. 

Kids who are being objectified in the celebrities world, and hearing stuff like you have an 'expiration day' once they're at the age of entering society, those kids don't even have any experience in the real world and they really don't know anything aside from dancing and singing. 

Was it 10 years ago? Anyway, I don't know if you remember it, but there was a youngest girl group all time, and the maknae at that time was 13 or 14 years old. At that time, people swore so much because they've never seen such a young kid on broadcast and that the kid should've been going to school instead of getting makeup to go on music shows. But now, when a child of that age debuts, it's just cute, but no one thinks of it because it's commercialized. Nobody even question whether they have enough experience for it and whether they're throwing their daily lives away. 

These days, I feel that we are not far from Japan, which makes idols for high school students and commercializes them. I think that the law should seriously intervene at this point. 

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1. Idols job aside, it's not a good look to make young kids earn any times of money 

2. Age aside, idols' schedules are just nonsense. It's even worse for staffs..

3. Me too I think that way, I wonder if it's even right to throw young kids in the society like that

4. Even 16 years old is too young. I hope we raise it to 18 years old

 5. That's right, they don't even get to experience school, I just feel sad..

6. At least debut them when they've graduated from middle school already..

7. It's true that debuting middle schoolers is eba..

8. It's true that they're getting younger and younger, but it's actually quite similar to the past? If you looked at the past, a lot of idols debuted when they were in theri 2nd year middle school 

9. Humanely speaking, you shouldn't make them drop out in middle school...

10. I can agree to everything on the post and I'd like to add that I wish we stop casting trainees in middle school or high school and make them drop out from school too. You shouldn't throw your entire life away to debut. If you can't stay an idol, you need to return to your daily life, but this is the equivalent of blocking all your paths to go back 

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