The recent news that dancer Noze (real name Noh Jihye) is selling NFTs is attracting attention.

On the 1st, Wikitree reported, "We discovered a circumstance suspected of false advertisement while conducting the NFT project 'Dance With NO:ZE'."

Previously, on July 1st, Noze posted a video on her YouTube channel titled "Noze's new choreography and NFT project for choreography NFT".

Noze, who appeared in the video directly, said, "We are launching a new NFT project." "The choreography created so far has not been recognized as copyright, but this time, the choreography with NFT technology will be able to recognize proper copyright and this will be the only way that [choreographer]s owners can make money."

She continued, "I am only kicking off the project, following that, a platform will be opened where sunbaes and hoobaes can also participate and trade choreography." said.

However, in this regard, Wikitree pointed out that "copyright and NFT are different concepts," and "Applying NFT technology to choreography video is literally just applying NFT technology, not copyright protection."

In particular, Noze plans to publish PEP (Profile Pictures, NFT that allows you to set your profile online) first. So rather than Noze's choreography, she will be first selling one selca at a price of 550K won (~400USD). 

In addition, the expected profit of this project is projected to be 5 billion won (3.6M USD), but Noze's side is getting in a controversy for staying silent on Discord app regarding the date of release.

In this regard, Noze's agency, Starting House, has issued a statement saying "Please wait until we give an accurate answer."

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1. She's such a disappointment in so many ways 

2. You really can't fix a person that easily 

3. The price is just evil but... I think we need to wait and see how this unfolds, I don't think we should be releasing articles and judging prematurely like that

4. Aside from everything Wikitree is claiming, it's a fact that she's trying to sell her selca for 550K won 

5. Do you think NFT can really protect copyrights...?

6. Just like the article says, NFTs are different from copyrights, so why is she launching an NFT?

7. Seriously this is so expensive, even photocards aren't getting sold at that priceㅋ

8. Summary: 
Wikitree claims: NFTs and copyrights are totally different things. Buying an NFT doesn't mean you're buying copyrights. The 550K won isn't for her choreography but for her selca NFT. You can only own 1 selca for 550K won = the expected profit will be 5B won 
> She's a scammer... Or a thug...

9. She's straight up scamming at this point 

10. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ She's such a mess

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