For me, it's IVE's Rei..

Seriously, she looks too cute so I still can't believe that she's 169

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1. Hul, Rei is 169?????????
> Rei is seriously tall

2. SF9 Inseong. He looks cute but he's 184? I was shocked

3. YooA.... She doesn't have hte proportions of someone who's 161 cm tall
> YooA said that she's 159.2

4. Tsuki
> I think she's 168 or 169? I was shocked that she was this tall

5. I-dle Miyeon looks tall but I was shocked to learnd that she's 160

6. I thought that Jungwoo would be a shortie just looking at his face

7. Lee Mijoo is only 164.. I was freaking shocked. I thought she'd be 168,9

8. Hoshi

9. Winter... she's 164...

10. Haechan... I thought that he'd be at least 178 and I thought that the taller members were around 190

11. Key is 177... he was taller than I thought so I was shocked!

12. She's not an idol but Lee Youngji.... I knew that she was tall but I didn't know that she was 175

13. I thought that Momo would be 168 cm tall

14. I thought that The Boyz New would be tall or at least 178

15. Momo is 162?3?... I was shocked

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