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Everyone who has tattoos are stubbornly hiding them for their wedding
Even for wedding pictures, they do their best to hide them or photoshop them outㅋㅋㅋ
If they are so proud of their tattoos why just leave them out for their wedding?

But what's even funnier is that if you look at the kids doing sexy dances at their wedding,
most of them are the kids who would hide their tattoos too...
Seeing how they don't know that they lower the standard with their sex dance regardless of their tattoos, I really wonder if they are not just dumbㅋㅋㅋ

All the kids who get tattoos say that they want to break the stereotypes that people have against people with tatoos and that it's just the fashion nowadays.
But no, our prejudices are actually even higher because of you..
Even when I wonder "is it just fashion?", seeing the way kids with tattoos behave makes me think that it's not..

It's obvious that they can't argue properly
They will say something like "it's my body so I'll do whatever I want with it" right..?
Then, why are you hiding your tattoos on your wedding pictures?ㅠㅠ
If you're that proud of it, then ask your in-laws to be open about it too

If you look at the percentage of people with tattoos in high ranked officials VS the percentage of people in prison, you'll get your answer right away
but you're the only one who doesn't know about it
No but you guys feel targeted but you're still insisting that it's not the castㅋㅋㅋ

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1. [+158, -3]
People with tattoos aren't bad people, but if you look at the bad guys, 99% have tattoos

2. [+62, 0]
Looking at the people with tattoos, I just think "oh they have a tattoo" but about the the kids who are showing off their tattoos to be like "I'm this kind of person~", I just think "so what?". Seriously, unless they have lettering tattoos to reminisce about something or have tattoos to hide their scars, it's just so-so

3. [+52, -26]
First of all, I don't have any tattoos. Also, I fully agree with the thought that men with tattoos will have to live the rest of their lives proving that they are not gansters and that girls with tattoos will have to live the rest of their lives proving that they are not promiscuous. But when it comes to people hiding their tattoos at weddings, people claim that tattoos are like fashion but they are not hiding their tattoos solely because they want to match the TPO (T/N: time, place and occasion).

4. [+44, -77]
Don't you guys know about TPO? Do you wear a bikini on your way off work? If you go to an interview, do you brag about your brazilian waxing? Do you brag about hairline tattoo when you're meeting your in-laws? I also don't like it when the groom and bride dance at their wedding but they are just doing whatever they want to liven up the party whether they have tattoos or not so who cares?

5. [+33, -5]
When I see people with tatoos, I don't want to have any deep relationships with them. It feels like that's the only thing they want to show so they are charmless

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