Since there is a lot of new stories/discussions coming out about minor sexualization in the industry, I thought I'd share my experiences. Unfortunately, as a woman working in the entertainment industry, scummy men will try to take advantage of you no matter which department you work at. I have two separate stories to tell;

First was when I was studying in the university. I went to an art school and one of the teacher was a notable concept artist from one of the biggest animation company in the world. He was famous for being cheeky and "funny". I took his class because I wanted to learn firsthand from someone from that animation company. Throughout the class, I felt super uncomfortable. He kept making inappropriate remarks to female students (like compliment their appearance than talk about the artworks), make jokes about "hot blonde ladies", and the craziest one is he talks about how he got flak for driving a female student home. He also replied to my email with "XOXO". I didn't think much of it first because I thought it's just typical banters. Until at one point, we all went out for drinks after the semester ended and he kissed my friend on the forehead and kept making sleazy comments about her. The craziest part, few weeks after that whole thing, the #metoo movement started and a news article came out that he was laid off from that animation company because there are a bunch of accounts testifying that he was behaving inappropriately  in the office. Crazy!

The second story is when I was at an animation convention. Going to conventions are very normal for upcoming artists and studios to mingle and hopefully, get a job. One of the biggest networking opportunities is later at the night where everyone would get wasted at the bar. Me and my group of friends opened a table and we already had a couple of drinks. Out of nowhere, a man who works for a TV animation company approached us. He was clearly drunk and he tried to get close to us, making remarks that we can easily get a job if we just "open our legs". I felt terrible and I wanted to throw up there and then. Thankfully, our male friends came to us and got that man away from us. Unfortunately, these things are SUPER common and a lot of young women fell into these traps.

TL;DR No matter where you work, men is nasty.

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