"Please stop bullying my granddaughter"

It turned out a grandmother was kneeling down to and pleading to were students from a middle school nearby. They were from an iljin group made out of teenagers. 

It is known that the grandmother's granddaughter was being bullied by the iljins, and the bullying got worse day by day to the point she even got assaulted by them. 

The grandmother's granddaughter, who was bullied and assaulted for no reason, eventually refused to go to school, and the grandmother, who felt sorry for the granddaughter, went directly by herself to attempt to resolve the issue.

However, the iljins were seen trying to force an apology to the grandmother who was worried about her granddaughter as she begged them to stop bullying, saying, "We'll see if you kneel down and begged us".

The scene of the grandmother kneeling in front of the students and begging them became a hot topic online as many netizens at the site took pictures and videos and uploaded them on social media.

In the actual released video, you could see the sight of students sitting cross-legged and smoking a cigarette while looking at the grandmother kneeling and begging. 

t/n: actual footage: https://www.insight.co.kr/news/410993

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1. [+46, -0]
Boys think they're invincible

2. [+44 ,-0]
Do you think they can change that easily?ㅋㅋ Don't we need to label them so they can get stigmatized for the rest of their lives?

3. [+38, -0]
Did we reveal their personal information?

4. [+29, -0]
I searched them up and this happened in China. Even the citizens who were just starring at them around were so weird

5. [+21, -0]
I hope their parents receive the same treatment

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