Kei (Kim Jiyeon, 28) from the group Lovelyz chose to say goodbye to Palmtree Island.

As a result of the coverage of Sports World on the 27th, Kei decided to terminate the contract with Palmtree Entertainment, which she signed an exclusive contract with earlier this year.

A music industry official said, "Kei, a former member of the girl group Lovelyz, joined hands with Palmtree Island, which specializes in managing musical actors, but she has greater ambitions for her career as a singer. She knows that she is still at an age where she can fully demonstrate her abilities as a singer.”

"Kei's love for musicals is also great. However, (the contract termination) is the result of long deliberation on what she considers more important right now."

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1. Huh?? She suited Palmtree though, this is unexpected...

2. I enjoyed Death Note.... So she's going to stop musicals from now? I hope she can do both in parallel 

3. I thought she was doing better as a musical actress, doesn't she have a bit of fandom left? I remember she had lots of male fans in the past

4. She just signed her contract this year, already???

5. She hasn't even been there for a year, if they let her go, it means the company is f*cking cool about it. They seem like a pretty free company 

6. People are really shielding the companyㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. She never ran into a controversy, why are people only shielding the company...?

8. Did the relationship rumor take a toll on her?

9. I bet she probably wondered whether she suited being a singer more than a musical actress. Kei fighting 

10. I just saw her in concert this weekend, this is quite... Impressive

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