"Happy birthday to the lovely Ryu Junyeol
- From Junyeol's #1 fan"

It was Ryu Junyeol's birthday on September 25th 
So she sent him a coffee truck and even went to his drama filming set dierctly
Ryu Junyeol has a birthday fan meeting tomorrow so she must've done today
Hyeri who wrote "Junyeol's #1 fan" on the coffee truck slogan"

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1. I'm a fan but I don't feel sad about this at allㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ they've never made it obvious and have been treating their fans well so there's nothing I want moreㅋㅋ

2. I felt so at ease the moment I learned that they were dating.. They've never made it obvious but I was curious. They look good together

3. People are saying that she's invading the fans' territory and some other bullsh*t but I've never understood this logic. I'm also a fan by the way

4. There are a lot of actors who live off pseudo-relationships too no... that's why there are a lot of cases where their female partners would get a lot of hate.. people who are dating prettily should just be left alone. Some of these comments are so pathetic

5. Ryu Junyeol really has everything

6. They've been dating for 6~7 years sweetly and it makes me jealous but they look good together

7. It's impressive how they've been dating quietly all this time. What is there to hate? They are just dating prettily and you can just view them prettily

8. They are seriously dating for a long time

9. They look pretty, I hope they get a happy ending together

10. But the fans will see this the first thing in the morning of the fanmeetingㅋㅋ It's so hard for fans to send their support to his filming set and because of his company, he doesn't accept coffee trucks no?? So they are not accepting the fans' trucks but his girlfriend's truck?

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